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Fraxel Helps Acne-Scarred People Emotionally Heal

Acne can be upsetting at any age, but far worse than the condition itself are the marks left behind. Though the pimples and infections are treatable and would in due course go away, many teens live with the reminders on their faces in the form of unlikeable scars. Luckily, now they don’t have to live with them forever.

The type of acne that leaves scars is characterized as large fluid-filled bumps which are painfully tender and take weeks to months to cure and flatten. At times, they leave behind bumpy indents in the skin that last a lifetime. Dermatologic technology has advanced with all kinds of possibilities over the past couple of decades to offer an effective results for different types of acne, but indented scarring remains one of the most mulish and hard conditions to treat.

Women, particularly, tend to be more prone to acne because of different fluctuations in their hormones. However, acne occurs when the oil glands in your skin clog and they become inflamed or infected. Teenage acne can be an embarrassing problem.

People with this scarring often follow a laundry list of options to fix the issue but do not get satisfying results. One of the best options is Fraxel, a laser technology that successfully treats acne scarring. (It also helps with age spots, marks related to surgery, brown marks, and other unwanted scars that develop on the skin over time.) Fraxel Laser treatment allows the skin to be treated with a laser under local anesthesia. The process causes the skin to be damaged intentionally so that newer skin can grow back. Fraxel removes the scar without causing any damage the surrounding skin.

Fraxel technology encourages skin rejuvenation. The old skin cells will eventually fall away, and be replaced by new skin cells. When there is no hope for smooth skin, fraxel treatment can restore new, rejuvenated skin.

Due to the non-invasive nature, there is negligible discomfort. There is no need for complicated recovery procedures. Patients may complete a treatment session and then go right back to the office to carry on with their work. The affected area may appear red and the pinkish red usually subsides in a few days.

Acne is not just a woman or teenager’s nightmare, but a common problem among men of all ages. With recent technology, acne is no longer embarrassing rather treatable. Enjoy the most exciting and advanced skin rejuvenation process!

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