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Bodysculpting Makeover for Moms

Most women want to have children and will become pregnant sometime during their life. Pregnancy is a prolonged period of aggressive changes in a woman’s body that can leave lasting physical changes in the shape and structure of abdomen, breast and legs.

The physiological changes during pregnancy are obvious, no matter how healthy or fit a woman is. Postpartum changes in a woman’s body include; sagging skin, loss of elasticity, fat retention, uneven contouring and sometimes stretch marks around the breasts and areola. These changes can also  have strong psychological effects on a woman that involve how she feels about her body and her self-esteem.

For many women these changes cannot be reversed through a simple workout or diet. Sometimes non-surgical treatments or even surgery are required to resolve these body problems.

Surgical Mommy makeovers are a convenient way of combining two or more surgical procedures (i.e. breast augmentation, breast lift, tummy tuck, liposuction etc.) to help make new mothers regain their pre-pregnancy appearance. This is not always an option due to the expense and long recovery time (approximately 2-3 weeks). As an alternative many moms are in search of effective non-surgical procedures.


This non-surgical body contouring technique is considered an alternative to liposuction. It is not intended for massive weight loss rather it involves the destruction of specialized fat pockets in the body especially in the abdomen (stomach rolls), arm fat and leg fat.  The CoolSculpting applicator used for this procedure that captures the fatty pockets resulting in the freezing of fat cells. These cells soon become crystalline and start dying.  The fat is then expelled from the body through normal body processes.  Result of the first treatment is often dramatic and can cause a 20-30% reduction in fat thickness within 3 months following treatment.


This is an ideal lipolytic procedure that uses minimally invasive laser light for liquefaction and the destruction of fat cells. The device used for this procedure is just like a small suction tube, called a cannula. It addresses small fatty areas in the body and is not intended to for massive weight loss. The fat is not removed from the body but is allowed to be dissolved by the body.  Following the treatment, the skin tightens and gives a better result than liposuction due to its non-invasive method and reduced recovery time.

The joy of being a mother is immeasurable, but the body that comes after pregnancy can leave some Moms feeling down.  A few treatments can return that smile to any Mom’s face as she slips into her pre-pregnancy clothes looking great.

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