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Why Now is a Good Time for Laser Hair Removal

Excess hair can be a very embarrassing condition, especially for women. When you want to wear a bikini or a swimsuit excess hair can be very irritating. It can affect both your personal and social life, preventing you from doing the things that you want. Shaving, waxing, or plucking hair away can be very painful and annoying. Shaveless lotions that remove hair have an unpleasant odor and can cause you to have itchy allergic reactions. You don’t have to continue in this annoying process of hair removal. There are other painless solutions to help you with your excess body hair. Laser hair removal is a lasting solution to removing your hair and enjoying your life.

When you remove your hair with lasers, you can eliminate all the cost that goes into costly waxing treatments at the salon. It can save you an incredible amount of time that you would spend over your lifetime that you would have used shaving and plucking. Shaving can actually make unwanted hair grow back thicker and darker than it originally was before the hair removal method. Laser hair removal can be used on practically anywhere on your body, including on your face, bikini line, underarms, arms, chest, back, and legs.

The laser treatment works by emitting a light that uses a specific color which is absorbed by the pigment in your hair follicles. The laser pulses for a fraction of a second and seals up the hair. This eliminates the hair follicles from growing back, giving you the smooth hairless look that you desire. This will give you the freedom to wear whatever you would like. You only need to have a few treatments to permanently remove or reduce the growth of your unwanted body hair. While this treatment is not invasive, it does cause some discomfort, particular in patients with thick, dark curly hair in the treated area. Dark hair is usually treated in the fewest amount of sessions, while blonde and redhead patients tend to have the most difficulty with this procedure.

Removing hair doesn’t have to be painful. Using lasers to remove your hair allows you a quick and painless method to get the look that you want. You don’t have to worry about annoying tweezing, shaving, or waxing away your hair any longer. Laser hair removal will help you to enjoy the life that you want without the hassle of removing all that hair.

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