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Simple And Effective Foundation Removal Procedures

You may use one of the several types of foundations on your skin before wearing your makeup. Normal cleansing may leave traces of the foundation once you have removed the makeup. Here are a few tips to conduct foundation removal correctly.

One of the best methods on the face is double cleansing. While in the shower, massage you face with your normal cleanser and rinse out. Repeat the procedure once more until all the grime is gone.

You may also buy some cleansing oils or cleansing milk on the market. Try out your favorite brand. However stop using it after two or three days so that you can give your skin some time and gauge the effects. If it does not cause breakout or discomfort, it is good.

If you have put on a waterproof make up, use the same process to remove the foundation. Use the recommended waterproof makeup remover by your brand. Cleansers and warm water do not do any good.

If the makeup is not waterproof, you may use the method described above. Moreover, any makeup remover would work just fine. You can slowly remove it after the shower in front of a mirror.

Once you have used an oily cleanser to clean up your face, ensure that you remove any traces of the cleanser near your eyes. This prevents mascara circles in the morning when you are to wear some makeup.

If you suffer from skin conditions such as acne, be careful on the cleansers that you use on your face. Keep away from oil based cleaners, as they are likely to make the condition worse. You may use an exfoliator after cleansing the skin.

Complete removal of makeup and foundation is important. It helps open up the poles of your skin and prevent the buildup of bacteria which may cause acne and other conditions. Never go to bed before cleansing the foundation off your face.

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