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Anti-Aging Tips to Restore Balance

While aging is inevitable, sufficient self-discipline can help maintain a youthful appearance and mental flexibility even into deep age. Being constantly active and considerate about lifestyle habits makes the difference.  It can reduce our chances of early hair loss, aged and wrinkled skin, weak and brittle bones,  and mental incapability. Our body and mind are constantly affected by outer stimuli, which means that almost everything we do has an effect. However, with sufficient knowledge, we are able to get the best out of our body at any age.

The skin is the largest organ of our body and the most reliable indicator of aging. Common aging problems are wrinkles and adult acne. Popping blemishes can damage the epidermis and leave scars.  Basic skin care advice would be to avoid squeezing and stretching the skin for any reason.  Acne is linked to hormonal disturbances so regulating hormone levels and taking in sufficient nutrients is recommended. A proper Vitamin D intake can dramatically contribute to restoring balance.  Always check with your doctor or pharmacist about which supplements to take and in what amounts.

Sleep is not called a natural cure without a reason. Especially in modern society, chronic sleep deprivation is a common issue with various consequences. An average sleep of 8 hours is recommended for adults. Before and during sleeping, one should not be surrounded with artificial light emitted from electronic devices in order to regulate melatonin pigment levels. Sufficient melatonin prevents cancer, joint and back pain and early hair graying. Our mind benefits from sufficient sleep as well – a rested mind has better performance and it reduces chances of fatigue and depression. Stress is the illness of the 21st century and it also makes people age faster. By getting enough sleep, stress levels are greatly reduced.

As always, a proper diet is significant. Consuming plenty of iron, protein and omega-3-fat acids (found in fish) can prevent hair loss. Avocado is often used for an “anti-aging diet”, as it hydrates your skin. Blueberries are used as antioxidants, beets contribute to detoxification and sweet potatoes smooth the skin!

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