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Hair Salon Talk: Waves and Curls

Health and Beauty Solutions waves and curlsThe world of fashion is a dynamic environment with different styles and trends. For many fashion-loving women, waves and curls are some of the coolest hairstyles for any occasion. There have been many variations of waves and curls hairstyles, and more are continually appearing on the fashion scene.

The Twisted Barrel Curl:  This hairstyle which is a favorite for many women, was copied from a circus team that was touring Italy during the 1900s.  It consists of mixing curl patterns to create an airy, fluffy hair texture.

How to get the look:

  1. Create a middle-part in the hair.  Apply some thickening spray around the crown and a light moisturizing cream from the mid-lengths to the ends.
  2. Divide hair into two upper and lower sections.  Spritz both sections with anti-humidity spray, then clip the top section out of the way.
  3. Starting from the bottom, use a 1-inch hot iron to curl the bottom section by twisting each piece of hair gently before passing it through the iron to produce a twisted barrel curl. To set the curl,  coil it into a Bantu knot.
  4. Curl the top section using a 3/4-inch hot iron by curling around the hairline forward and downward in the direction of the part. Spray both sections with an anti-humidity spray.  Set the curls with duckbill clips.
  5. Curl the rest of the sides backward and set it with duckbill clips to change the pattern of the curls.
  6. Once the curls are set, remove the clips and knots to release the curls and run fingers through hair. Blend curls using a bristle brush by brushing at the top of the crown and around the hairline.
  7. Next, spritz the crown with a styling spray after which C-shaped waves will be created at the roots using a hot iron and a heat-resistant comb. The waves are set with duckbill clips and sprayed with an impermeable anti-humidity spray.
  8. Finish the whole process by using a bristle brush to brush out the underside and the top of the hair.
  9. The stylist applies some powder spray on the crown and the ends of the hair and massages the top. And that’s it.

The Ethereal Twilight-Hour Waves: This style is a French-inspired style that creates a natural bodied hair with calm waves and straight ends.  This hairstyle works for that time of day between work and nightclubs.

How to get the style:

  1. Apply a foundation mist to prepare the hair.
  2. Next, apply a thickening spray from the roots to the ends, apply hair plumping mousse to the roots, and a light moisturizing cream to the ends.
  3. Work molding wax into the hair.
  4. Curl the hair away and towards the face in alternating motions.
  5. Create a loose knot, and secure with a large hairpin until hair is dry.
  6. Release the knot, apply a powder spray and then comb.
  7. Finish, with an anti-humidity spray and dry texturizing spray.

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