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Get Back to School Ready at the Med Spa

Students in this era are very concerned about their appearance, especially their skin. They are concerned because many teenagers suffer from acne, which if not treated properly can lead to scarring. Acne can make a student feel self-conscious. They may avoid social activities because they fear what others may say regarding their appearance.

Luckily there are solutions to deal with such problems at your local med spa. A med spa knows how to address skin affected by acne. One solution most med spas offer is microdermabrasion.  Microdermabrasion can be used on mild to moderate acne.  It uses a fine spray of medical-grade corundum powder crystals on your skin. These crystals are then gently suctioned away, along with the old, dead skin cells, leaving a fresh and glowing appearance.  The treatment also extracts oil from the skin.

Another treatment commonly used for acne is a chemical peel.  Chemical peels treat a broad range of skin issues.  The kind of peel used is selected based on to the severity of the acne and sensitivity of the skin. It works by applying a particular chemical to the surface of the skin which causes the old skin to peel off, resulting in new, smooth textured skin.

After receiving treatment from a med spa, one can go back to school looking their best and take part in all the activities that they are passionate about without the added stress of feeling self-conscious.

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