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What You Should Know About Recovering From Anterior Total Hip Replacement

Health and Beauty Solutions Dr Dan AlbrightWhen you have had any surgery, it is normal to stay in the hospital for a couple of days. If you have had an anterior total hip replacement, you should expect to remain in the hospital for at least two days following the surgery. You are likely to have moderate pain when walking for a few weeks after the surgery. The doctor will prescribe painkilling medication if you require it.

Despite the fact that you have stitches, it will still be possible to take a shower as there will be a protective film covering the stitches. The stitches will eventually get absorbed into the tissue of the skin.  V-shaped pillows will help when you are lying down, and this will also contribute to keeping the new hip aligned. It is imperative to get mobile and do light walking as soon as possible after having the surgery as this will help recovery.

It is possible that some people will experience some problems after surgery and in some cases, these can be severe. About two percent of people that get this type of surgery will experience some form of complications. The serious complications can include infections in the joints, heart attacks and also strokes which are caused by blood clots.

If the patient already has a chronic condition, this will increase the risk of complications. It is possible to decrease the possibility of blood clots by getting some physical and mobility therapy.

Other complications that you could experience include bleeding, stiffness, fractures, dislocation, damage to blood vessels or damage to nerves. It is crucial to report any lingering pain that you have if not reduced by pain medication. Over time the artificial joint will start to feel and work just like the natural joint.


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