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The Causes of Back Pain

Health and Beauty back painWhen it comes to genders, mostly women have faced back pain, but this pain can affect men as well. It is the most common reason for the people to visit the doctor. It is usually nothing serious, but it is yet the most painful and uncomfortable sensation one can feel. It is not age bound rather one can feel it in their early 20’s, but it is people in their late 30’s or older who are more frequently prone to experience this pain. In these mature adults, back pain can be recurring and long-lasting.

If we look at the biological reasons for this pain, we see it is mainly associated with the vertebrae in the spinal column.  The pain may have two origins, one in the upper back and one in the lower back. The cause of pain the upper back is due to the cervical and thoracic region of spinal cord while the pain in lower back is due to the lumbar, pelvic and coccygeal region. Other reasons for the back pain may be attributable to the aching muscles, ligaments or nerves in this region. Sometimes organs can cause severe pain in the back.  An inflammation of the spinal cord can cause acute pain and needs to be treated with medication and rest to avoid further damage.

The reasons behind back pain, the most common are strained muscles, ligaments or muscle spasms. Lifting a heavy object or an abrupt movement may result in these strains or spasms. The next most common category is structural problems which include the ruptured discs. Each vertebra is cushioned with these disks, and any damage to them can result in severe back aches. Other related consequences are bulging discs, sciatica, arthritis, osteoporosis or abnormal curvature of the spine.

Everyday activities that can contribute to back pain; poor posture while sitting, standing or seated in the same position for long periods (especially driving), immediate reflex actions (coughing or sneezing), twisting, stretching, and muscle tension. Last but not the least, strenuous physical activities and obesity are also the key factors that can trigger back pain.

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