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Understanding The Importance Of Male Hormonal Health And Wellness

Health and Beauty Solutions male hormonal healthAs men age, their bodies continue to go through stages of biological change that significantly impacts various aspects of their lives. These changes are noticed in areas like weight, energy, muscle mass, and sex drive. For older adults to remain active, energetic, and sexually adept, hormonal health and wellness should be addressed when the earliest symptoms of an imbalance appear.

Testosterone is primarily a male hormone, though minuscule amounts are produced in the ovaries. In men, this substance is responsible for traditionally masculine characteristics such as a deep voice, muscle mass, aggression, fat distribution, body and facial hair, libido, sperm production, and sexual acuity. When there is an imbalance, a variety of issues may begin to manifest.

In general, men tend to peak in their early 20’s and then the gradual decline of testosterone levels begin. Most doctors consider normal counts to be between 400-600 ng/dl. Anything that is above or below that range is noted as an imbalance and should be attended to maintain a healthy lifestyle and regular body function.

Though rarely seen in men who have reached their 30’s and not receiving hormone therapy or undergoing steroid treatments, high levels have both pros and cons. The benefits are minimal at best, including reduced risks of heart attack, obesity, and elevated blood pressure, and a higher sex drive. The disadvantages are more noticeable such as a tendency towards increased alcohol and tobacco consumption, anger and aggression, and making rash or illogical decisions.

It is far more common that a man will have to deal with lower levels of testosterone, rather than elevated ones. Unusual drops may be due to circumstances such as testicular cancer, testicle injuries, liver or kidney disease, diabetes, obesity, HIV/AIDS, and other disorders involving hormone production. Symptoms include lower strength, stamina, and energy, trouble thinking, erectile dysfunction, and loss of sex drive.

Patients who are candidates for treatment may receive their therapy in the form of gels, patches, topical creams, or injections. An examination by a licensed doctor is required to receive this therapy.  Balancing testosterone levels can help a man maintain a healthy and productive lifestyle.

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