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Medical Uses For Hormone Replacement Therapy

As people age, they experience a drop in their hormonal levels. The hormones that their bodies naturally created when they were younger are no longer produced in the amounts needed for good health. Abnormal levels are hallmarked by some different symptoms that can be relieved by taking either natural or synthetic hormone replacement therapy.

Before you take this course of medication, you can expect to be examined thoroughly by your doctor. Your physician will perform blood tests to check your levels and to find out how well your thyroid is functioning. The results of these tests will determine the medicine regimen recommended.

The therapies that are most available to patients involve taking a pill, receiving an injection in the thigh, arm, or hip, or applying a gel to your skin. The one that your doctor recommends for you will depend on your health and the specific problem being addressed. It also depends on your tolerance to the noted side effects of the medicine.

Some of the more common reasons that people take these therapies involve regaining their sexual libido. Men, in particular, suffer from a drop in testosterone as they age. They lose interest in having sex, which can lead to frustration in their marriages or romantic relationships.

However, women often benefit from using them as well. Women with low levels sometimes develop facial hair or vaginal dryness. Their therapies remove these symptoms and give them back the normal function of their bodies.

Most pharmacies can fill prescriptions for artificial or natural hormonal replacement therapies as prescribed by doctors. In some locations, you can find alternatives to medicines sold over the counter. However, you are advised to ask your physician before using them and to remain under constant medical monitoring to safeguard against complications that can be detrimental to your health.

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