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Got Hip Pain?

Replacing any joint is never an easy decision until it becomes so painful that there is no other option.

How do you know which orthopedic surgeon to choose when you finally succumb to the fact you need help?

Why not ask the potential orthopedic surgeon these questions before “going under the knife”?

::  Is surgery really necessary? Is there alternative options the doctor is aware of that you have not considered?  The best way to avoid surgical errors is to avoid surgery entirely, so ask about the effectiveness and safety of alternatives. Compare those with the risks of surgery and the chance that it will help you.

::  Is your board certification up to date? Check the surgeon’s credentials to see if they have undergone the necessary training, even after being in clinical practice, to maintain board certification in his or her specialty.

::  What’s your experience? Ask how many operations has the surgeon performed in the past year and how does that compares with his or her peers.  Choosing a surgeon who consistently performs total hip replacements means they have kept their skills fresh compared to a surgeon who only does one every 3 months.

::  What are your success, failure, and complication rates? Not all will be able or willing to tell you, but the good ones should be.  Don’t forget to read the doctor’s testimonials section on their website.

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