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Why Has Your Back Been Hurting So Much Lately? Could a Chiropractor Help?

Back pain – it’s something we all dread. Persistent back pain can detract from the joy in your life and stop you from doing the things that you love, like exercising, being with friends, and pursuing physically demanding sports or hobbies. As the nation’s largest network of chiropractic care centers, we understand.

Why Does My Back Hurt?

If you’ve never experienced back pain before, you might be wondering, “Why does my back hurt so much lately?” It could be for any number of reasons. In the human body, 12 vertebrae make up the upper and middle back. The lower back is where the majority of our weight sits. Together, all these vertebrae work with muscles, discs, and nerves, which can occasionally be the source of spinal pressure or injury. While regular wear and tear are usual, other causes of back pain include the following.

Herniated Discs. When a sharp, burning or tingling pain erupts at the site of the disc nucleus, it is probably due to a herniated disc. Discs sometimes “slip” out of place, resulting in soft tissue damage.

Pinched Nerves. Too much pressure can lead to pinched nerves. When we stay in the same position, sit with bad posture, or engage in repetitive motions, we increase the likelihood of compressing our nerves.

Fractured Vertebrae. Fractured vertebrae are no fun. After a bone in the spine collapses, vertebral compression fractures (VCFs) can occur.

Slips and Falls. Even the healthiest spine can be the victim of an accidental fall. Hitting the ground hard or at an awkward angle can initiate back pain.

Age. Past the age of 30, the likelihood of experiencing back pain goes up.

Weight/Lack of Exercise. Staying fit and keeping your muscles strong is a preventative measure against future back pain issues.

Lifting of Heavy Objects. Put down that big box. Repeated strain is a risk factor for pulled ligaments.

Symptoms of Back Pain

People who suffer from back pain may report one or more of the following symptoms.

  • Inflammation
  • Stiffness
  • Aches
  • Swelling
  • Limited mobility

When to Seek Help

We know the quality of life is essential, and nothing can cast a storm cloud over your day like chronic pain. If back pain is interfering with daily activities, seek the help of a doctor.

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