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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

cognitive behavioral therapyA psychotherapeutic treatment that is mainly focused towards a patient’s capability of managing their thoughts as well as their feelings which have a particular impact on their behavior is termed as Cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT. The aforementioned therapy is known to produce positive outcomes in patients of anxiety, depression, phobia, or a particular addiction. CBT is a short term therapy that can only be utilized for a highly specific purpose. The primary purpose of the therapy is to enable a patient to change the pattern of negative thoughts or feelings which may cast a likewise impact on his behavior.

There is a considerable variation in CBT which has led to three major categories of the therapy being utilized by the professionals. Such types of the aforementioned therapy are as follows:

  • Cognitive therapy
  • Rational emotive behavior therapy or REBT
  • Multimodal therapy

CBT is being widely utilized by the mental health professionals to treat a whole range of disorders. Such problems may include and are not confined to depression, phobias, anxiety and addictions. It is indispensable to state that the trend of utilizing CBT in order to cure such disorders has been trending since the aforementioned therapy is one of the most well researched ones and is utilized in order to achieve some of the highly specific outcomes which make it convenient to measure them in an appropriate fashion.

A patient who happens to be absolutely comfortable with introspection is the most suitable one for the utilization of the therapy. It is a basic requirement to produce the desired outcome out of the therapy that the patient is capable of performing a thorough analysis of his thoughts as well as the feelings and is not going to refrain from spending all the time and effort which may be required. While it may be difficult to perform such analysis, however, it is vital in order to understand the correlation of internal state of mind with the outward behavior.

It is imperative to mention here that CBT may turn out to be one of the finest options for people who are looking for a short term cure against the aforementioned disorders but are not willing to take the route of pharmacological medication for the purpose. One of the fundamental benefits of the therapy is the development of coping skills in the patients which are not only useful for the present scenario but is also going to come in handy for the situations that they may have to face in the future.

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